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Flexible benefits designed for you and your company

The success of your benefits package depends on offering your employees flexible benefits which they actually want or need and making sure that your employees really understand what’s on offer.

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Our approach

As your business and employees are unique, our approach is to make sure you are offering the right choice of employee benefits for your team, incorporating your existing benefits and adding those all important new ones which your employees really want or need.

That of course means getting to know you and your employees. But it also means we can save you a whole lot of hassle and hard work:

Making your benefits package easy to understand

Our platforms are easy to use, easy to understand and really accessible and your employees can log on, as and when they want to.

Giving you and your employees more choice

Not everything suits everyone so we’ve devised a system which allows your employees to cherry-pick the particular benefits they want, from core benefits, to voluntary and flexible benefits.

We speak your language 

You need the system to be personal so as part of our approach we ensure all your communications are written and branded in your language, voice and style.

When we say flexible, we really mean it

Not everybody can or wants to sign up to things at the same time so our platforms offers year round selection for some benefits and multiple sign up opportunities throughout the year for others.

We make sure it’s affordable

Your budget will always play a central role, so we’ve made our packages affordable and there’s an option of a fixed monthly price plan if you want it.

We’ll be there when you need us

We provide you with full administrative support to make sure the whole process really is hassle free, effective and easy.

We help show your employees what their benefits are really worth

Employees often underestimate or don’t understand the value of their benefits. And that can make it hard to get them really engaged in the process. So we introduced our integrated Total Reward Statements.

We appreciate you and your employees are busy so the integrated Total Reward Statements make things really quick and easy. At a glance, your employees will be able to see from their statement their basic salary, their employer pension contributions, the value of a company car or allowance, private medical insurance (PMI), other insurance and protection products, shares, bonus payments and the value of any other perks that are quantifiable. That in turn makes it easy for them to get a really good understanding of what their benefits are actually worth.

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Offering you something extra

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