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We are excited to announce that from September 2021, Fair Care Employee Benefits will be changing its name to Avantus Employee Benefits Limited.

Why the change? Fair Care Employee Benefits has been part of the Avantus Group for a number of years. Changing our name at this juncture allows us to properly align with the Avantus brand, better reflecting our digital vision and furthering our commitment to being the most forward-thinking and trusted employee benefits technology business in the UK.

Under the Avantus brand, we intend to make a clear and consistent name for ourselves within the market. We will be known for our technological innovation and high-quality service, resulting in an excellent customer experience.

At the core, our name is changing but our fantastic team and our commitment to our clients, partners and brokers remains the same as always.

We look forward to working with you during this new and exciting phase of our journey.

About the Avantus Group:

The Avantus Group was formed following the acquisition of a specialist fintech software team in 2013 (Avantus Systems). This prompted the investment in a new generation of platform technology. As well as delivering a class-leading flexible benefits proposition, the new technology allowed the Avantus Group to expand its reach to the wider human capital technology market.

Fair Care Employee Benefits was a founding member of the Avantus Group in 2013, having originally started trading in 2005. As an early adopter of platform technology and thanks to the Avantus connection, the business flourished and has enjoyed consistent and significant growth.

Avantus HR (HR Management Systems) was established in 2014, delivering comprehensive but easy to use solutions to the HR community. A further acquisition in 2019, Avantus People Solutions, added powerful recruitment technology to the fold and with it has come a blue-chip client base.

The Fair Care name is still retained for the Childcare Voucher business, which still serves over 500 employers throughout the UK.

As a group, the Avantus philosophy is to take advantage of technology in all that we do and deliver genuinely exceptional results for our clients.For more information, please contact:

Philip Curtis
Chief Executive
Avantus Business Solutions Limited,
1 Milkhouse Gate, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 3EZ

Phone: 0800 652 4745