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The easiest and most cost-effective way to introduce voluntary and flexible benefits

Benefit Select has been created to answer the needs of organisations that are keen to introduce a voluntary or flexible benefits platform but have previously been put off by the cost and complexity of such a project.

We will work with you to build a package of benefits that suits your organisation, giving valued choice and flexibility to your employees but without creating burdensome administration.

What can Benefit Select offer you?

As an employer you simply have to choose how to tell your employees about their flexible benefit products – whether that’s by email, mail or a combination of the two. In other words, once again you just choose what works for you. And once you’ve chosen, the technology you use to access your benefits, is easy and bang up to date plus we’ll make sure you continue to get a choice of all the very latest and best flexible employee benefit products on the market. And that makes happy employees.

Health & Wellbeing

Having healthy, happy employees is pretty important to the success of your business and therefore employee health and wellbeing products need to be an important part of your employee benefits package. And that includes their physical health, their mental health and the health of their wallets too!

Salary Sacrifice

The idea behind salary sacrifice is quite simple. An employee agrees to give up part of their salary and, in return, the employer gives a non-cash benefit. The chosen benefit could be childcare vouchers, increased pension contributions or discounts off your next holiday, to name a few.

Discount and affinity

Your employees and their families can enjoy all sort of discounts, savings and perks with our various employee discount schemes. From shopping, to eating out, gym membership, targeted health and fitness advice and help buying that all important new car.

Total Reward Statements

So how do you explain to your employees what their benefits are really worth? Simple, with your Total Reward statements. They show your employees exactly what benefits are on offer, and what that really means to them in terms of value. And you’ll find that because the statements are so clear and easy to understand, your employees really get on board with what you’re offering.

Pension and Insurance

When it comes to employee pensions and insurance schemes, you’re looking for good value but something that is hassle free and easy. And that’s where our Benefit Select platform comes into its own.

Reward and Recognition

Our integrated Reward and Recognition module delivers Peer to Peer Recognition and Employee Rewards in a powerful yet simple way. By recognising and rewarding your employees, you can foster and change behaviour, engage and motivate your employees and embrace the ethical standards that are important to you and your business.

Offering you something extra

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