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Your choice – our flexible employee benefit products

Our employee benefit products are all about you and your staff

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Putting the flex into flexible Benefits

Our employee benefit products are all about you and your staff. And you can choose different combinations of products to make sure that you offer the ones that your staff really value now, today (not last year or even last month). Plus there is a wide range of employee benefits to chose from, including Salary Sacrifice benefitsHealth and Wellbeing benefitsPension and Insurance benefits, and Employee Discount schemes so that your employees and their families can enjoy all sort of discounts, savings and perks.

As an employer you simply have to choose how to tell your employees about their flexible benefit products – whether that’s by email, mail or a combination of the two. In other words, once again you just choose what works for you. And once you’ve chosen, the technology you use to access your benefits, is easy and bang up to date plus we’ll make sure you continue to get a choice of all the very latest and best flexible employee benefit products on the market. And that makes happy employees.

Our flexible employee benefit products

Salary Sacrifice

An employee agrees to give up part of their salary and, in return, the employer gives a non-cash benefit.

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Health & Wellbeing

Your employees can save money with our Health Screening Scheme, including physical, mental health, and the health of their wallets.

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Discount & Affinity

From shopping, to eating out, gym membership, targeted health and fitness advice and help buying that all important new car.

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Total Reward Statements

Show your employees what their benefits are really worth with Total Reward statements.

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Pension & Insurance

We have made pensions & insurance easy, personal and a benefit that your team value.

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Reward and Recognition

Our integrated Reward and Recognition module delivers Peer to Peer Recognition and Employee Rewards in a powerful yet simple way.

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For more details on the full range of employee benefits products that we can offer your employees and their families please call 0800 652 4745 today, or email us at

Our approach

Visionary employers think of employees in the same way as they think of their customers, and ensure that employee benefits are targeted, consistent and of high quality.

Avantus Employee Benefits has extensive experience in the delivery of highly valued employee benefit platforms, empowering any employer to engage effectively and professionally with their employees.

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