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Employee Car Benefits

Are you or your employees thinking of buying a prestige car? Because our employee car benefits package can offer you preferential rates and really competitive terms.

Car Zone

Becoming a member of Fair Care’s Car Zone gives you and your employees access to over 20 of the leading and most exciting motoring brands. Smell the leather upholstery, and feel the thrill of turning the key in the ignition and hearing her start up. Employee car benefits just got exciting.

Why offer car benefits?
  • Save your employees money on their new vehicle
Benefits to organisations
  • Let employees beat the commute in style and comfort.
  • Employees arrive to work in a better mood, which is always good.
  • Enjoy a car park filled with cars that represent the calibre of your establishment
Benefits to employees
  • Save hundreds on a new set of wheels with preferential rates and competitive terms.
  • Choose from 20 of the leading motoring brands including Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mini and Volkswagen.

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