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Employee Assistance Programmes

If something goes wrong in your employee’s personal life, it can have a big impact on your business and other employees. Perhaps the employee is just distracted or maybe they have to take time off work. But the knock on effect in terms of time, cost, morale and productivity to you can be significant.

Help when it’s needed most

Cue our Employee Assistance Programmes which offer practical help with the day to day issues which your employee may be struggling with. Our programmes can help with a range of issues such as money, health, counselling, crisis management and emergency situations. There’s a 24/7 telephone and online support service all designed to give your employees the help they need and keep them on track at work. And that makes our Employee Assistance Programmes a must have resource for your team, available at the push of a button when they need it.

Did you know?
  • 47% of employees find their job stressful (Source: MetLife Employee Benefits, March 2015)
  • 48% of employees have seen their stress levels increase in the past year (Source: MetLife Employee Benefits, March 2015)
  • 51% of employers rate their organisation as very or extremely supportive of employees’ mental well-being (Source: Buck Consultants at Xerox, August 2015)
  • 25% of UK workers do not know how to deal with stress and try to keep it to themselves (Source: CV Library, November 2015)


of employees have considered leaving their job due to stress at work (Source: MetLife Employee Benefits, March 2015)


of employers believe they have a significant responsibility to provide staff with an environment that promotes mental well-being (Source: Buck Consultants at Xerox, August 2015)
Why run an EAP scheme?
  • Offer support to your employes in time of difficulty
Benefits to organisations
  • Minimise disruption to your business and other employees
  • Distinguish your company as an establishment that cares for its employees and their families.
  • Build a better relationship with your team and nurture greater loyalty.
  • EAPs are regarded as a business expense if they follow HMRC guidelines
Benefits to employees
  • 24/7 support for a range of issues such as money, health, counselling, crisis management and emergency.

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