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Upgrade to a truly engaging employee experience

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FlexGenius is a premium employee benefits platform, designed from the ground up to satisfy the most demanding employees.

The beautiful and succinct presentation, combined with intuitive processes, delivers the first class experience your employees expect.

It sounds obvious, but the most effective communications are those that are relevant to the recipients.  FlexGenius, through its profiling and grouping capability, allows for effective targeting of communications, whether using the integrated announcements, news reels or video.

A valuable package of flexible benefits is a prerequisite in attracting the best talent.  Presenting and communicating those benefits with FlexGenius will ensures your business stands out; continuing the first class journey that your employees expect.

Building the proposition

The starting point with any flexible benefits platform is a thorough understanding of the culture and demographic of the organisation.  Packages of benefits can then be created and positioned to achieve maximum impact. Below you can see some of the benefits included:

Health Matters

We’ve scoured the market for the best and most innovative products. The inbuilt flexibility of FlexGenius means that any existing or new scheme can be accommodated, with full choice management and administration.

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Let’s get saving

FlexGenius is independent, which means we can scour the market for the best savings and most innovative affinity products. This ensures your employees benefit from exclusive and consistent offers that are not available to the general public.

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Financial Protection

Key to any flexible benefits proposition are the products that ensure that your employees, their partners and their dependants are protected from unforeseen events.

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Lifestyle Benefits

FlexGenius plays host to the widest and most inspiring selection of benefits that are available in the market. All options are seamlessly integrated with straightforward administration.

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Reward & recognition

FlexGenius benefits from a fully-integrated reward and recognition module, allowing organisations to roll-out innovative and engaging reward programmes simply and quickly.

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Total Reward Statements

Ensuring employees understand the true value of their remuneration package is a key component of successful reward management.

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Policies & Documents

The core functionality of FlexGenius provides employers with a great tool for hosting and publishing an unlimited number of policies and documents.

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Education & Advice

FlexGenius gives employers a great opportunity to add value to their benefits offering. Reference guides and educational content can be hosted in any media, and updates and edits are simple and quick. The innovative salary sacrifice pensions advice module brings another great savings opportunity for employees.

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