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Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrifice schemes & tax free benefits

Fair Care is an experienced operator of salary sacrifice schemes, working within existing legislation to deliver a wide range of tax-effective solutions. With an enviable reputation for high level customer service and seamless implementation, Fair Care currently manages schemes on behalf of over 1,000 clients.

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What is Salary Sacrifice?

The idea behind salary sacrifice is quite simple. An employee agrees to give up part of their salary and, in return, the employer gives a non-cash benefit. The chosen benefit could be childcare vouchers, increased pension contributions or a bicycle for cycling to work, to name a few.

Depending on the tax status of the non-cash benefit, employees may save National Insurance, Income tax or both.  Savings for employers are possible too. Contact us on  for more details on how a salary sacrifice scheme can help your business, or to arrange a free demonstration.

Salary sacrifice products


The Childcare Voucher Scheme was closed to new entrants in September 2018, but remains in place for existing users.

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Cycle to Work

Great savings, of up to 42% of the retail price of bicycles and accessories, are available to participating employees.

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Health Screening

Give your employees the opportunity to benefit from a comprehensive, personalised health assessment, at a reduced cost.

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Holiday Trading

Have the flexibility to allow employees to buy or sell holiday.

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Smart Pensions

Significant savings can be generated by converting existing pension schemes to salary sacrifice.

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Payroll Giving

A flexible scheme which allows anyone who pays UK income tax to give regularly to the charities and good causes of their choice.

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For more details on the full range of employee benefits products that we can offer your employees and their families please call 0800 652 4745 today, or email us at

Why choose Salary Sacrifice?

A salary sacrifice company that offers its employees salary sacrifice products benefits from increased engagement, satisfaction and ultimately improved retention.

If you would like to  discuss offering your employees a salary sacrifice pension or other non-cash benefits, please get in touch with us

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