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Pension & Insurance

Employee pension & insurance schemes

When it comes to employee pensions and insurance schemes, you’re looking for good value but something that is hassle free and easy. And that’s where our Benefit Select platform comes into its own.

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Your employee pensions just got easier

There is a “Smart Pension” module in our employee benefits platforms that explain everything to your employees and allows them to alter their pension contributions. It also provides for immediate tax relief at the employee’s highest (marginal) rate of tax, without the need for retrospective claims via a tax return. And they get a written electronic document showing what’s been agreed as well as a full audit trail.

Employee insurance schemes

Your employees can also choose the insurance scheme that suits them and their needs via the FlexGenius or Benefit Select platforms.

Flexible, valuable and easy

We can’t make employee pensions and insurance schemes exciting and fun. And you probably don’t want us to. But we have made them really easy, personal and a benefit that your team value. And that’s worth a whole lot more than being exciting.

Pension & Insurance products


Employee pension schemes are a must have and come with all sorts of perks.

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Life Assurance

Provide a tax-free lump sum payment to your employee’s family and dependants if your employee should die in service.

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Income Protection

If for any reason your employee is not able to work because of injury or long-term illness, knowing that they can make ends meet really matters.

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Critical Illness

Make sure you’re there for them if the worst happens. Pay tax-free lump sums if your employee is diagnosed with certain serious health conditions.

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Private Medical Insurance

Give your employees access to the best private treatment when they need it with our employee Private Medical Insurance.

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For more details on the full range of employee benefits products that we can offer your employees and their families please call 0800 652 4745 today, or email us at

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