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Smart Pension

Significant savings in National Insurance, for both employer and employee, can be generated by converting existing pension schemes to salary sacrifice. (Or by setting up a new pension scheme on a salary sacrifice basis.)

Employees also benefit from immediate tax relief at their highest marginal rate of tax – no need for higher rate taxpayers to claim through their tax returns, which many forget to do!

Our platforms include Smart Pensions, which gives employers a simple, online solution to managing or converting to salary sacrifice pensions. The module also gives employees highly valued flexibility in varying their own contribution levels, within agreed limits.

Avantus Employee Benefits will happily work with your existing pension adviser to deliver this solution.

Why run a smart pensions scheme?
  • Save significantly on National Insurance, for both yourself and your employees.
  • Avantus Employee Benefits will work with your existing pension adviser to deliver this solution.
Benefits to organisations
  • Save on National Insurance
Benefits to employees
  • Save on National Insurance
  • Immediate tax relief at the highest marginal rate of tax
  • Flexibility in varying personal contribution levels

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