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50% of employees feel their employee benefits package is not always tailored to their specific needs, according to new research by Unum.

Unum recently ran their Workplace communication blueprint, which surveys 1,100 employees and conducts discussions with employee benefits professionals. It revealed that 29% of respondents think their employer doesn’t understand what is important to them individually in a benefits package.

Here are some more statistics the research revealed:

  • 18% of employee respondents are dissatisfied with their current benefits package
  • 46% of employee respondents believe financial education and guidance is relevant and useful as part of a benefits package.
  • 43% of employee respondents like to be communicated to about benefits via emails, from either inside or outside the organisation, 30% want to hear about available employee benefits in face-to-face sessions or talks led try their organisation.
  • 59% of employee respondents say that knowing their employer supported their financial wellbeing would make them feel reassured.
  • 58% of employee respondents are aware of all the employee benefits available to them, 28% are aware of some of the benefits they have access to, and 13% are not aware of any employee benefits at their organisation.

What is the solution? Flexible employee benefits.

Avantus Employee Benefits believe that the success of your benefits package depends on offering your employees flexible benefits which they actually want or need and making sure that your employees really understand what’s on offer.

This is why we developed Benefit Select. Our innovative platform allows you to offer a much larger range of more flexible benefits catering for your diverse workforce.

To find our more or to book a free demo of Benefit Select please contact us