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Announcing our new partnership with Furthr Earth

Avantus is thrilled to introduce its latest partnership with Furthr Earth, which provides a ground-breaking, climate-positive benefits program, devoted to saving the planet. Furthr Earth will support employers to engage, educate, and enable their workforce to have a positive impact on our environment.

Furthr Earth is a key part of your business solution to the climate crisis. Offsetting your workforce emissions as an employer-subsidised benefit signals your proactive commitment to fighting the climate crisis, whilst highlighting the value of your employees’ active participation towards this commitment. This then promotes a positive corporate culture and united front throughout the company participating towards ‘Net-Zero by Thirty’.

How it works; we calculate the size of employees’ footprint and based on the results we create a bespoke climate funding plan personal to them. Each plan plants trees and funds world-leading carbon offsetting projects for your employees. As a thank you, employees are entered into prize draws where there is a chance to win eco products, more trees planted and even cash prizes. How amazing is that? You can show publicly how your company is actively driving impact on carbon reduction. This is increasingly becoming an important reason why others would want to work with and for you. A real win-win!

Furthr Earth empowers employees to reduce their carbon footprint through investing in renewable energy initiatives in developing countries. The science is compelling on renewable energy’s positive impact on our planet’s health, but Furthr’s projects reach deeper, supporting challenged communities by employing local communities and generating much-needed income.

The projects you will support at Furthr have the highest verification with UNFCCC and Gold Standard, which can be quantified and observed at any time. Enhancing the feel-good factor, Furthr plants millions of trees for your employees each year around the globe to assist reforestation, wildlife conservation and, of course, to sequester carbon emissions. This truly is Climate Feel Good.

Furthr Earth Founder Henry Bishop presented at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, in November. To learn more first-hand about the organisation and its commitment to the climate situation, you see Furthr Earth’s mission statement here.

If you are looking for new ways to offset your carbon footprint and help save the planet, please get in touch to find out more details on how this can work for you and your employees.