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Health Cash Plans

Health Cash plans enable employers to offer their employees health care without the huge premiums of PMI.

For a nominal yearly fee, employees are able to make use of a variety of cash-back payments on a vast range of medical and dental expenses. You can also choose to make this an employer or employee paid benefit.

Why run a Health Cash Plan scheme?
  • Make it easier, and cheaper, for employees to get necessary health care

Healthcare cash plans are insurance policies that instead of covering you for unforeseen, unpredictable events like most other types of insurance, help you pay for the cost of routine healthcare.

Benefits to organisations
  • Healthier employees are happier and work far more productively
  • Distinguish your company as an establishment that cares for its employees and their families.
  • Build a better relationship with your team and nurture greater loyalty.
Benefits to employees
  • Make use of a variety of cash-back payments on a range of medical and dental expenses
  • Most health cash plans will allow you to cover yourself, your partner and any dependent children

Appointments such as going for a dental check-up, getting your glasses from the optician, physiotherapy and sometimes even massages can be included

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